Regional Anaesthesia Thursday Meetings Schedule Autumn 2012

26-Jul-12 TAP block Dr. J.Mc Donnell.
02-Aug-12 From TAP to Stellate Dr. Olivia Flinnerty.
09-Aug-12 Physiology of Pregnancy Dr. Aoife Quinn.
16-Aug-12 Failed block what to do?

Epidural test dose

Dr. Joye Coyne.
23-aug-12 LAST ? Dr. B. Kinirons.
30-Aug-12 Axillary brachial plexus block. ? Dr. J.Mc Donnell.
06-sep-12 Facet joint injections and medial branch blocks. Dr. Vladimir Alexiev.
13-sep-12 Pharmacology of LA. Dr. Aidan Magee.
20-sep-12 Pre-eclampsia Dr. Ahamad galal.
27-sep-12 Cardiac disease & pregnancy Dr. Dalia Abdelrahaman.
04-oct-12 Pain Talk-1 Dr. Mahesh.
11-oct-12 Obstetric Haemorrhage Dr. Pramod palhade.


18-oct-12 Paravertebral block Dr. Philip Johnson.
25-oct-12 Ultrasound guided obstetric block Dr. Joye Costello.
01-nov-12 Neurological Disease and Pregnancy Dr. Solmaz Nakhjavani.
08-nov-12 Interscaline/Suprascapular block Dr. Roseita Carrol.
15-nov-12 Truncal Block Dr. C. Hanley.
22-nov-12 Pain Talk-2 Dr. Mahesh.
29-nov-12 Sciatic block Dr. Michael Hurley.
06-dec-12 Femoral & Lumbar plexus block Dr. Bilal Ansari.
13-dec-12 Distal Lower Limb Block  

Tuesday 8am meetings May 2012

Tuesday 8 a.m. Meetings


Venue: ICU conference room 



Thoracic anaesthesia

Dr Brian Harte



The surgical patient with a pacemaker

Dr Leo Kevin


Cardiac anaesthesia

Dr Paul Naughton


Oral opioids for acute pain: do you know your oxycontin from your oxynorm?

Dr Tadgh Lynch


Pre-operative optimisation (Provisional title)

Dr Scully


WAS speakers at international events in 2012

WAS speakers will travel a little beyond Galway in 2012!  Here are some 2012 international events that feature lectures from WAS regulars:

Dr Brian Harte on advanced airway management

ESA Paris June 9 – 12

Dr Patrick Neligan on bariatric anaesthesia

World Congress of Anesthesia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 25 -30

Dr Leo Kevin on surgery for carotid endarterectomy

Society of Cardiovascular Anaesthesia (SCA), Boston ,USA April 28 – 31

Dr John McDonell on regional anesthesia

(ESRA), Bordeaux, France September 5 – 8

If you are attending any of these meetings, why not drop by the ‘WAS International’ desk at the exhibit hall!

Ultrasound for central venous access

The ASA has published its guidelines for central venous access (see link below).  I am regularly amused by the slavish credence given by trainees to use of ultrasound as ‘mandatory’ for central  venous access.  Why I ask?  That ‘s what the NICE guideline says, they reply.  Do you work in the NHS I ask?

Yes ultrasound has undoubted utility for central venous access at times, and I have made good use of it.  But should it be a standard of care? Are landmark-based techniques worth learning in the modern age?  The ASA is much more luke-warm about ultrasound, as is the rest of the world! ‘Equivocal’ is the operative term throughout…

Studies show how useful US can be – but that is what the studies were meant to show!  They were performed by enthusiastic users of a new technology.

Maybe its our colonial heritage that makes us absorb NICE (and similar) admonitions as if they were coming from a high authority to which we owe allegiance.  Incidentally, the best informed UK anesthetists (several of whom with which I have worked) have many amusing things to say about the level of expertise that goes into NICE guidelines.  There has also been some thoughtful discussion in recent editions of anesthesia.

Here is the ASA link in Anesthesiology.