Visit the Ether Dome

I hope our recent Anaesthesia History session inspired some interest in the noble (and not so noble!) origins of our speciality.  The ‘Ether Dome’, where WTG Morton first demonstrated ether anesthesia to an audience of doctors and medical students is a real place, is essentially unchanged since October 16th 1846, and is a must-see for any anesthetist visiting Boston.  Opening times and directions are on the Mass Gen website:

The 1944 movie that features an idealized WTG Morton and the events leading up to Ether Day is:

‘The Great Moment’, directed by Preston Sturges, available from Amazon and similar.

Recommended reading on the subject includes ‘Ether Day’ By Julie M. Fenster (Harper Collins) and ‘Blessed Days of Anaesthesia’ by Stephanie J. Snow (Oxford University Press).

If in London call in to the Anaesthesia Heritage centre at the AAGBI (Portland Place)

My special thanks to Dr Bob Concannon (retired) who first encouraged an appreciation for Anaesthesia History in the many young anesthesia trainees, myself included, who did their time in Merlin Park Hospital in the 1980s and 1990s.

1 thought on “Visit the Ether Dome

  1. And if anybody wants to see all the original apparatus used by Morton they should visit the excellent museum at the Countway Library at Harvard Medical School

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